Orgone is an omnipresent, massless, negatively entropic substance first discovered by Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th century. Experiments indicate it may be related to life processes, and weather patterns, and that it has a strong relationship to electromagnetism.

There are two known polarities to orgone, Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) and Positive Orgone Radiation (POR). DOR is thought to be produced by electrical circuits and some types of chemicals, and has been shown to cause lethargy in small to medium concentrations, and extreme pain, sickness, and muscle convulsions in high concentrations (such as those found in Reich's cloudbuster design) or lower concentrations over extended periods of time. POR is thought to be produced by most organisms, the Earth, and quartz under physical pressure, and has been shown to increase healing rates in some types of ailments, growth rates of plants, and generates either a sense of well-being or euphoria in human subjects or, in some cases, a violent reaction which subsides after an extended period in its presence. Many believe this is the result of an unhealthy orgone balance being corrected, which results in a purging of DOR or DOR-producing substances.

Reich found that orgone was attracted to insulative (particularly organic) substances, and attracted to, but promptly repelled from, metals. Knowing this, he found that layering the two types together and forming an enclosed area concentrated orgone, and called the device an orgone accumulator. Placing his hand in the accumulator, he felt a prickling sensation, and it felt like the ambient temperature was higher, which was later confirmed by thermometers.